Friday, 24 February 2012

Studio Manchester

Looking for a studio has been rather successful, we've found some areas with real potential. As would be just starting out and don't have major funding at this stage the studio space below is a consideration for exhibiting work when we get up and running. 

M-One Manchester works out at being £545 per month, thats £6,540 per year at £1635 per person. This is a huge chunk of money to add to our final costings on top of supplies, advertising, insurance etc.  As an alternate solution we have decided to look at houses in central manchester close to the previously researched studios, essentially getting a 5 bed house and converting one of the rooms into a workable studio space. The studio's we've researched into would then be used as and when we need them, saving costs on paying for a permanent space. If done well the 5th room in our house would be a really good back door to setting up a space where we could produce work for clients without the expensive costings of rent for studios on top of the rent for our living.

At a later stage, once up and running, at £100 per day we could exhibit work in the studio space below to advertise and promote us whilst also advertising the artists and producers. Small events could be organized to advertise new releases, limited edition prints and other merchandize.

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